Ogasawara Foundation was established on July 1, 2015 according to the wishes of deceased Tadamune Ogasawara, 32nd successor of Ogasawara Soriyo family, Kokura Domain feudal lord in Buzen Province, for the purpose of spreading, promoting, developing the Japanese traditional culture and nurturing human resources, as well as promoting healthy development and promotion of the regional communities.

We think it is important for future Japanese to understand the local culture in the native district and breed the feeling to love native land.  It is necessary to build up the society where the people should know and utilize the Japanese tradition and culture positively. To that end, we will support the formation of the personal character able to express the warm and natural consideration to the partners through Kyuho (Ogasawara style of archery, equestrianism and decorum, transmitted for generations in Ogasawara family) which aim to be perfect by combining the heart of courtesy and the shape of the manners. Thus we will make social contribution through the activities of the Foundation for the young generation carrying the future of Japan.
In addition, we will introduce the superior Japanese traditional culture abroad from the ground of Kyusyu where a variety of cultures have been brought up, and evolve our activities of international exchange and of the operation to succeed the Japanese traditional culture.

We have started the preparations for the Foundation to switch to public interest incorporated foundation so that the Foundation should be able to make greater social contributions in future.

I would like to ask heartily to have further support and cooperation from all of you.


Chief DirectorFoundation
Takeo Yamada

The outline of the Foundation

Foundation name Ogasawara Foundation(general incorporated foundation)
Date established July 1, 2015
Assets \ 200,000,000

1- 5-8, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Purpose To spread, promote, develop the Japanese traditional culture, and nurture the human resources, as well as promote healthy development and promotion of the regional communities through the Japanese traditional culture, thus eventually contribute to peace and prosperity of the human society.
Main activities (1) Regional development support and international exchange by the Japanese traditional culture
(2) Education and nurturing of human resources through the Japanese traditional culture
(3) Research and study on the Japanese traditional culture, and support for the relevant educational institutions and the research organizations
(4) Commendation of persons for their distinguished achievements and services about the Japanese traditional culture
(5) Holding of the workshops and the publication on the overall Japanese traditional culture
(6) All the other activities necessary to achieve the purpose of the Foundation